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Former LTN photographer remembered

Photographer David Majick Whitewolf knew precisely how "Anaboliset Aineet" to capture life and nature "Anabolika Definition" through the lens of a camera.

He was one of a kind, a creative person who took pride in his photography, said Randy Hawkins, former Lincoln Times News reporter.

Former staff photographer for the Lincoln Times News, freelance photographer and Web page designer, Whitewolf, 58, who everyone called Majick, passed away June 29, 2005.

People were attracted to him, said Elliott Chapman, close friend of Whitewolf. He had a happy go lucky attitude. You never saw him upset too often.

Born July 16, 1946, Whitewolf was a native of Phoenix, Ariz. and served in the Army.

I sometimes Comprar Levitra referred to him as a "Oxandrolone Powder India" refugee of the 60s. The last of the flowerchildren, Hawkins said. He was a real good friend. He enjoyed talking about his life and the long, strange trip his life had been.

Whitewolfs artistic personality often gave others the wrong impression.

I remember him as a hippie type, said Lincolnton police chief Dean Abernathy, who met Whitewolf in 1986. After I got to know him, we became friends. I respected him he respected me. He was a good guy. He really was.

Whitewolf began Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal working for the Lincoln Times News in the early 1980s.

I worked with him for a number of years, said Hawkins.

Whitewolf took photos for different sections of the newspaper and met numerous people along the way, many who became friends.

We met at a car show at Valley Hills Mall, Chapman said. At that time, I was racing and he was covering the show for the LTN. Several Lincoln County residents had cars in the show.

Whitewolf had many other hobbies in addition to his passion for photography.

He enjoyed music, certainly. Rock music, Hawkins said. I know one time he had been interested in drag racing. He did photography for some races. I think he did some work for Quick Time Racing News, a racing magazine.

Whitewolf Masteron Results also enjoyed incorporating nature into his photography.

He was big into gardening, said Diane Turbyfill, former LTN reporter and current editor of The Cherryville Eagle.

He would not only plant a lot but would take pictures of flowers and email them to me. Sometimes, Masteron King he would incorporate graphics and make posters.

Whitewolf also worked closely with computers.

He was really computer literate, Abernathy said. He gave me pointers on computer scams. If I had a computer problem, I would call him.

Many respected Whitewolf, possibly because of the concern he had for others.

He had always had a problem with people who dealt drugs to kids, Abernathy said. If he ever knew anything about that, he would call and tell me; he was a wealth of information.

Those who worked with Whitewolf remembered him fondly.

Majick was a good friend and a great photographer, Turbyfill said.Im glad hes not suffering anymore.

It still feels like something is missing, knowing hes not "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" out there shooting pictures and talking about his adventures, she said.

His love for photography and natures attributed to his intelligence.

He was very unassuming and knowledgeable, said Jerry Leedy, publisher of the Lincoln Times News.

Whitewolf took part in many photography quests throughout his career.

He always had a lot of stories to tell about being on assignment for different companies, Turbyfill said.

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